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ABOUT US - Wake United: Empowering Your Watersports Journey

Welcome to Wake United, where the passion for watersports meets unparalleled expertise and a commitment to delivering the best to the global water sports community. Founded by renowned water sports entrepreneur Jeff Husby, owner, and GM of the #1 Ranked Boating Industry retailer Regal & Nautique of Orlando, Wake United is a cutting-edge, professional pro shop designed exclusively to serve water sports enthusiasts worldwide.

Our Vision and Mission: At Wake United, we believe that the pro shop is a critical component of the customer journey in boating and water sports. Our mission is to empower watersports enthusiasts of all levels by providing the highest quality products, expert guidance, and exceptional service through our online and brick-and-mortar watersports pro shops. We are committed to fostering a passionate and united community, where customers can explore, enhance their skills, and embrace the thrill of water sports.

The Wake United Experience: Embark on your water sports journey with Wake United, where we deliver a seamless blend of virtual online and brick-and-mortar shopping convenience. Whether you're looking to get towed on the water, shred the course, or ride the waves, Wake United offers a comprehensive product range and an outstanding sales experience.

Jeff Husby, an experienced water sports enthusiast and highly respected towboat retailer, recognized the need to elevate the traditional pro shop niche. Wake United is the result, offering an expansive product mix, hybrid online and storefront shopping options, and an unsurpassed sales and service experience. With an extensive network of online and storefront locations, we ensure that most products are in stock for immediate delivery.

Our Product Lineup: Wake United proudly showcases and sells the prestigious HO/Hyperlite, Radar/Ronix, Phase 5, Nautique Gear, Follow, Mission, and Connelly brands. Our extensive product mix includes wakesurfers, wake foils, wakeboards and bindings, water skis and bindings, wake skates, CGA life jackets and comp vests, tow ropes, tubes, paddleboards, accessories, and apparel.

Explore our massive display of water sports products, apparel, and brands with 1500+ SKUs on our website, along with details and contacts for our seven southeastern storefront locations. Dive into our online support center and Wake United TV/YouTube gallery for tech talks and tips from leading experts throughout the water sports community.

Wake United Beyond Retail: We don't just stop at retail – Wake United plays a pivotal role in supporting grassroots competitions and prominent industry events. From the acclaimed Thigh High Surf & Wake Series to tournaments in Georgia and South Carolina, and major international events like the Nautique Masters Water Ski and Wakeboard Tournament, Wake United is committed to being an active participant in the water sports community.

Industry Partnerships: Wake United is proud to partner with industry giants such as HO Sports & Hyperlite Wake and Square One, owner of Ronix Wakeboards and Radar Skis. These partnerships ensure that Wake United delivers top-notch customer experiences and makes high-quality products accessible to boaters across the country.

Meet the Visionaries Behind Wake United:

Jeff Husby - Founder and Visionary: With a remarkable career spanning decades, Jeff's journey in watersports began as a young waterskier in Wisconsin, leading him to Orlando, FL, the mecca of watersports. His vision to become the nation's top boat dealer materialized through achieving industry awards, emphasizing an unwavering commitment to excellence. The creation of a superior pro shop experience completes the circle in the watersports customer journey.

Danny Harf - Watersports Influencer: Danny Harf's significant influence in watersports speaks for itself. As a four-time X Games Gold Medalist and a key player in Wake United, Danny brings extensive experience both in the spotlight and behind the scenes. His love for watersports remains constant, and his contributions to grassroots initiatives like the Thigh High Surf and Wake Series showcase his dedication to the community.

Brandon Lee - On-Water Expert: With over two decades of on-water experience, Brandon Lee seamlessly turned his passion for watersports into a profession. As a judge and official driver for prestigious events, Brandon's authority in the field is unmistakable. His role as the General Manager of WaterSports Central’s Lake Oconee location laid the groundwork for Wake United's prominence in the industry.

Join us at Wake United, where we are more than a pro shop – we are your partners in creating extraordinary and unforgettable water sports adventures.